Green Schools have inculcated in the hearts of children love for Mother Nature, while bringing innovations and economic opportunities to support communities and environment.

Mr Bharat Mody

CEO, Rohan Lifescapes

Krida Yog has been transformative in terms of wellness for children, who have been never so eager to learn, are no more attentive and alert to grasping the content as well as the essence.

Dr Ajay Sankhe

CEO, Bhaktivedanta Hospital

The Hunger Free Mumbai movement has captured the essence of child development in nutrition and preventive healthcare. It has been an impactful journey and a template for legacy of happy childhood for everyone.

Dr Reena Jogani

Dentist and Welfare Activist

The idea of violence free dairy and agriculture has brought sustainability and prosperity for farmers while making way for nutritious and safe food alternatives.

Mr Nilkanth Kohale

Trainer and Motivational Strategist

As a part of India First initiative, these treks to various historical places bring about the indomitable spirit of sacrifice and dedication in every adventurer seeking meaning to life and contribution to nation building.

Mrs. Samira Shah

Founder and Academic Director, Lemark School of Design and Art

I have been happy to receive the dimension of life which incorporates the wholeness of life, substantial thought and scientific application of principles which need more emphasis, thanks to their initiative – Lessons for life.

Mr. Manoj Purohit

Senior Director - Finance General Atlantic, Mumbai

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