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A School for Green School Project
Bhavyata Foundation collaborates with Green Schools Programme, an initiative of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to promote environmental education in an experiential format in Mumbai. Green Schools Programme moves beyond theories and textbooks and concentrates solely on ‘doing’. It is an environmental education programme directed to subtly sensitising students to the environment through hands-on and thought provoking activities. It is also an environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of natural resources within school campuses and helps schools become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources.
A School that goes green gives the hope that future is in safe hands
In the process of Greening School Campus, the biggest beneficiary is the Planet as we would have inculcated the Moral Conscience and Strength of Will in young hearts at the School. A Grooming methodology to adopt not only green practises, but also yielding to concept of Climate Leadership in students of the school shall be a rewarding move.
The objective of the Green School is to build the capacity of students at the school to conduct the environmental audit and substitute climate endangering resource utility with greener alternatives. During the Green School Programme Audit, students implement the actionable steps mentioned in the Green Schools Programme Manual. The following issues will be the focus during the audit:
1. Awareness on pollution
2. Water crisis and the solutions: minimising water demand by harvesting rain water and waste water reuse/recycling
3. Solid Waste Management
4. Rating, Analytics and online reporting
5. Use of GSP Audit (in fields of Air, Energy, Food, Land, Water & Waste) in the teaching-learning at classroom level
The Audit continues for 6 months post which there is an analysis of the Quality of The Environment at the School Campus. Post the auditing analysis, The Green School Team shall handhold the School Audit Team comprising of faculty and students to achieve Climate Targets for achieving Green Standards for the Institute.
This shall require the Green Interventions in the fields of energy, waste, air, water, land and food to achieve the green standards.
The School shall be in need of Infrastructure adaptations, rain water harvesting, water recycling, water purification, waste management, air pollution control and ventilation support, land greening with biomass, herbal and vegetable garden, cyclathon for saving nature, planting trees for afforestation, promotion of naturally grown food without chemical pesticides and healthy food habits in canteen, etc for the Green School Certification.
Support to achieve the above mentioned standards are the prerequisites for adoption of the Green School Project.

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