Campaign 01 Slum to School Hunger Free Mumbai

12-Feb-14Feb 2019

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Slum to School – a Hunger Free Mumbai Initiative
Mainstreaming to education in underprivileged
With an aim to alleviate hunger and encourage to enrol to mainstream education, this project assists underprivileged children to help their overall development.
The Rationale
Despite a sturdy mid day meal programme in 83% of government and aided schools in Mumbai city and 95.1% in its suburbs, the city has witnessed an alarmingly high prevalence of malnutrition. 
One in six, or 60% of Mumbai’s population lives in slums, and some 10 million live under threat of displacement and unemployment. Amidst the towering skylines of urban Mumbai, informal settlements in slums paint a contrasting and ugly reality, as these communities reel under the bane of rampant malnutrition. Malnutrition has increased four-fold among children in Mumbai’s municipal schools, from 8% in 2013-14 to 34% in 2015-16, as a detailed report suggests. For the want of livelihoods, they are forced to undermine hygiene and nutrition for their children unattended at homeless environment. Such malnutrition tends to reduce the IQ,  thus leading to deficiency of a child’s cognitive capacities, while adversely impacting the economy.
With an aim to alleviate hunger and encourage to enrol to mainstream education, this project  assists underprivileged children to help their overall development.
Children from slum neighbourhoods gain nutritional access with lunch on daily basis with periodic health interventions and hygiene education.
In an endeavour to provide good nutrition, educate and empower the underprivileged children, Bhavyata Foundation started providing daily lunch meals to the undernourished children of two Schools of Navjeevan Prathamik Vidyamandir situated at Thane from the Month of July 2018. There are 110 children in these 2 Schools of Thane. Parents of these children, who study in the school are daily wage earners, house helpers, construction workers, who reside in nearby Maijiwada slum neighbourhood.
Project support
Following standard protocols of Health, Nutrition, Training and Monitoring for these communities, we have tied up with Annamrita Foundation and Bhaktivedanta Hospital for diagnosis, medical intervention and monitoring progress to achieve freedom from malnourishment.
Hunger Free Mumbai program in schools was conceived by Bhavyata Foundation, to attract street children and those in underprivileged slum neighbourhoods children to school and to get them educated by sharing the financial responsibility of the parents and thereby encouraging them to send their children for proper education to local schools.
Menus: We vary our food menus according to the different days of the week so that the students never get bored of one particular food item. List of items that include in the lunch meals are: Sprouted Lentils Khichdi, Sambar Rice, Amti Rice, Usal Khichdi, Mung Dal Khichdi, etc.
He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”
Victor Hugo
Annual Daily Lunch meals for 110 students – Rs. 528000
Annual Healthcare and Interventions for 110 students – Rs. 45000

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