Ayurved Dincharya – The Journey of Self Healing Process

Ayurved Dincharya – The Journey of Self Healing Process

Dinacharya is the Sanskrit word for daily Ayurvedic rituals. Ayurved Dincharya supports a life of optimal wellness through routine detoxification and nourishment when performed regularly. To develop healthy habits that last takes knowledge, discipline, and commitment. Therefore, starting an Ayurvedic journey and self-care regimen can be the best thing you would ever do for yourself. Here is a guideline to take care of your health in an Ayurvedic way in the first half of the day.


The morning rituals are best done between the hours of 6 am-10 am. During this time o the day, you have the most strength, fortitude, and steadiness. Brahma Muhurta is one and a half hours (96 minutes) before sunrise. The meaning of Brahma is knowledge, and muhurta means period. Brahma Muhurta is the time that is perfect for perceiving knowledge. Waking up at Brahma Muhurta is very beneficial for our lives because of the state of mind, high level of oxygen in the air, and serenity. This period also known as ‘Amrut Vela,’ which is Creative Hours. 


As the rituals, tooth brushing (daatan) and tongue scraping are the most important of all. Tongue scraping brushes off the unwanted toxins from the tongue and eliminates bad breath. As for toothbrush you can use Nimba, Karanja, Khadira, Arka, Shisham, Yashtimadhu, Malati plants. The thickness of the twig to be used as a toothbrush should be approximately 22.6 cm (12 Angula length), and the tip of the twig should be chewed a little to make it like a toothbrush.

Oil pulling, known in Sanskrit as Kavala Graha, is the practice of twenty minutes of pulling or swishing oil through the teeth to encourage overall oral health and hygiene. Perform this every morning in order to strengthen gums, whiten teeth, remove plaque, restore enamel, extract toxins from the body, eliminate bad breath. To follow the movements of doshas throughout the day, complete the morning ritual before 10am.


It is a healthy practice to have a glass of Tamba Paani, water kept in a copper vessel. Storing drinking water in a copper vessel helps improve the immune system, aid digestion, heal wounds sooner than before and even boost tan. It also fights anemia, reduces hypertension, cures arthritis and inflamed joints, prevents stroke and improves the health of the brain. 

Our body, as per Ayurveda, operates as a clock, and with the movement of the sun, its constitution changes. Life or Ayu is, according to Charaka, the samyog or mixture of the body, the senses, the mind, and the spirit. Ayurveda is the most sacred science in this world and the world beyond to gain benefits. It is an integral approach to life, combined with magnificent gifts from mother nature.

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