Art needs more than mere appreciation.

Talent when unrewarded goes missing; same with the artisans of


Bridge For Artisans

India is brimming with skilled artisans, however their skills have not been brought to the fore. Aiming to ignite and promote dying arts and crafts of India, we forge a bridge between these talented rural artisans and the urban market.

Bamboo Artisans

Bamboo Artisans

Promoting bamboo as renewable resource and facilitating livelihoods for bamboo artisans in a challenged demography.
Handloom Weavers

Handloom Weavers

India’s rich tradition of handloom weaving coupled with design intervention to help weavers develop range of clothing for consumers.
Folk Artistes

Folk Artistes

Resurrecting traditional Indian board games with the help of Kalamkari art which is an ancient form of hand painting.
Metal Artisans

Metal Artisans

To revive fading craft of Kansa artisans by membership avenues and exhibitions to endorse its large scale consumption.
We are bridging talent with reward

For 15 Art forms and over 20+ artisans guilds

Support Weavers
Crediting handloom weavers who deserve more than praise
Design intervention
Embroider guilds who can compete globally with a contemporary design approach
Revive Lost Traditions
Metal art and artisans need revival for the good of humanity and nature
Synthesising Sustainability
Integrating art with sustainable fashion for future
Bridge the Gap
Awareness and activism for art appreciation
Programs and platforms to promote handcrafted goods
Projects And Campaigns

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Bridge the Gap: Lets meet our sculptors of traditions

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