Chess Pe Charcha on International Chess Day

Chess Pe Charcha on International Chess Day

I’m certain you’ve known about chess, yet did you know there’s an entire day devoted to it? Presently you do! A round of technique and brains, chess is the reasoning man’s down. From Early India to today, Chess is a great game to play whenever, anyplace.

Marking its significance, International Chess Day is celebrated on 20th July every year. On this day, the International Chess Federation was established in 1924. In addition, celebrating this day was proposed by UNESCO and has been celebrated after 1966. Let’s have ‘Chess Pe Charcha on International Chess Day’.

A Brief Histroy Of Chess

Chess is one of the oldest games that originated in India in the fifth century. Chess, originally was not the same as we see or play in current times. There has been a whole evolution in this game. Originally it was known as ‘Chaturanga’, which means ‘having four limbs or parts’. In the period when Arabs took over Persia, the popularity of chess grew amongst them. The Arabs further took the game to southern Europe and it spread across Europe and the same charisma of chess persists to date.

Chess is an ancient game. Evidence shows that this game was an integral part of ancient India. The game, or battle, Chaturanga appears in the Mahabharata, an ancient epic poem of the Kurukshetra war. This war took only eighteen days and was between two cousin families over who was the rightful ruler of the kingdom of Bharata. The two families, the five sons of Pandu and the one hundred sons of the blind king Dhritarashtra, fought with cunning and treachery, the morality of which bothered a key character, Yudhishthira. Above all, the Bhagavad Gita includes the spiritual explanation of why sometimes violence, treachery and war is necessary. What a game of great game chess is, where the violence and treachery are within the limits of board.

Benefits Of Playing Chess

It is not like cricket, soccer and other games that require physical movement and strength are good for health but indoor games such as chess are equally important for everyone. We as a whole realize that playing chess hones our brains and assists with expanding our IQ however did you realize it additionally forestalls Alzheimer’s as in football, the whole body is working and moving, comparably while playing chess, mind likewise capacities and it diminishes the danger of dementia. It helps in improving recollections as well as assists with improving the critical thinking aptitudes.

This day is celebrated all across the globe in almost all cities. Every city has chess clubs. And members of this club gather and organize tournaments amongst themselves. It is one of the biggest festivals for all professional chess players.

India has given 65 Grandmasters, 10 Women Grandmasters, and 123 international chess masters to date who never fail to make the nation and themselves proud each time. In addition, these chess masters share their journey of success on various social media platforms or via interviews. They make sure that the spirit and enthusiasm of chess amongst the youth never dies.

We all should start celebrating the day and if we already do, then make our friends and family join in and enjoy with our loved ones. Let’s make the transition from ‘Chai pe Charcha’ to ‘Chess pe Charcha’.

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