Smavardhan - Saving Dangi Indigenous Breeds
Dangi Breed Preservation

Cows have been the basis of Indian agriculture from the beginning of time. The oldest of Vedas, the Rigveda, elevates cows to divinity. Indian society has addressed the cow as Gow Mata (the cow is our mother). Atharvaveda 6.140.2 says, “O teeth! You eat rice, you eat barley, you eat gram, and you eat sesame. These are specifically meant for you. Do not kill those who are capable of being fathers and mothers.”

In the 1960s, historian Sri Dharampal discovered at the Thanjavur Tamil University a set of palm leaf records documenting a British survey of 2,000 villages of Chengalpattu, a large area surrounding present-day Chennai. The record says, Between 1762 and 1766 there were villages which produced up to 12 tons of paddy a hectare”. This level of productivity can be obtained only in the best of the Green Revolution areas of the country, with the most advanced, expensive and often environmentally ruinous technologies.

In contrast to the modern methods of machinery, chemical pesticides & synthetic fertilizers, the traditional Indian methods were higher yielding in agricultural output. The prevalence of cancer is traceable to the rampant uses of chemicals used in modern agriculture.

Under its Sowing the Seeds Initiative, Bhavyata Foundation has initiated a rural project for creating a sustainable environment for the preservation of the Dangi breeds of Bovines. The intention behind this effort is to provide chemical-free milk to the urban populace, and aid farmers to have a steady source of livelihood. The burden is the cost of green fodder and nutrient-rich supplements. An animal will become a medium and eventually, low milk producer if the feed is not balanced.

We need to provide the cattle belonging to many tribal families, dependent upon them for livelihoods) with high quality chelated minerals, mineral mix, green fodder bundles and water. It will help to improve the health of the calves, cure deficiencies, enhance their immune system, strengthen their health, improve digestion and maintain fertility.

Your valuable Donation of Rs. 2500 will help us to feed 1 Dangi Breed Cow, India’s Indigenous Dairy Breed Cow, of Murbad District located in Tribal belt of Thane for one month, i.e. Rs. 80 per day per cow. Vakalwadi village houses around 320 residents and 220 livestock, mostly bovines, generate dairy-based livelihoods. Capacity building for these bovines shall significantly improve the care conditions for improved dairy output.