Monthly Dispatch

October 2022

In month of October, we donated 70 life skills books to orphans at Jeevan Samvardhan Foundation. We conducted Deepavali exhibitions at multiple corporate premises to support our artisans. We are proud to be featured in the news in our attempt to revive Indian art at National Museum, New Delhi. Our Preschools saw festive celebration of Deepawali with distribution of Holiday Activity Books to 150 children.

September 2022

The following month, Bhavyata Foundation distributed groceries to Jeevan Samvardhan Foundation on account of 'Poshan Maah'. We also organised a medical camp and clothes distribution drive for needy people. We also provided learning aids and first aid kits for BMC preschools.

August 2022

august newsletter
Bhavyata Foundation educated 1000+ children in 37 Balwadi classrooms (Jr. Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten) in 21 Schools for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. In Mumbai, we provided grocery kits to expectant mothers. We participated in Sutr Santati, which promotes and protects Indian art and textile traditions. Bamboo artisans were supported by promotion of bamboo Rakhis last festive season.

July 2022


Bhavyata Foundation caters to education in 37 Balwadi classes (Jr Kg and Sr Kg) at 21 Schools from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation from September 2018. Bhavyata Foundation's team of educators and panel of child education specialists nurture neediest and unprivileged children in urban Mumbai.

June 2022

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We hope to plant 75,000 seed balls in honour of our 75th anniversary of independence by the 15th of August 2022. This month e engaged 30 volunteers to help us make 600 seed balls in Mumbai's Vasai Fort, followed by a tour of the fort.

May 2022

For Aarambh LMS Beta version, the teachers' training session was organised in Nashik. By the 15th of August 2022, we aim to have sown 75,000 seed balls. We had 50 volunteers in our office for our seed ball campaign. This month, we gave 25 nutritional kits to pregnant women in Mumbai.

APRIL 2022

Bhavyata foundation Apr 22 monthly dispatch

Bhavyata Foundation supported Gopalaks from Tribal Igatpuri, Nashik with nutritional feed for their cattle. Maternal Nutrition kits for the pregnant women were distributed. On the occasion of 75th Independence, We aim to fertilize the earth with 75000 Seed Balls till 15th August 2022. We engaged 200 corporate employees for making 1000 seed balls till now.

MARCH 2022

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This year we celebrated our Holi with our little preschoolers with all love and affection. Distribution of snacks and stationery was held at the
schools. Exhibitions were held at corporate premises to display our eco-friendly, sustainable and handmade products.


feb 2022 monthly dispatch bhavyata foundation

Bhavyata Foundation supported pregnant women with nutritional kits & counseling sessions in Mumbai. Arambh LMS Beta version was launched as a pilot version with Kavde Math Anganwadi in Mumbai.


Jan 2022 Monthly Dispatch Bhavyata Foundation

Bhavyata Foundation distributed nutritional pregnancy kits to expectant women in the slums of Mumbai in January. We also assisted in accessing the forest land for Gopalak to cultivate Green Fodder and other agri produces.


dec 2021 monthly dispatch bhavyata foundation

Bhavyata Foundation distributed nutritional pregnancy kits to expectant women in the slums of Mumbai in December. Offline sessions for preschool and life skills was also conducted in Jal Prabhat Nagar, Mumbai.


November 2021 Newsletter Bhavyata Foundation

In November, Bhavyata Foundation organized a Diwali meet-up, conducted online schooling sessions, and did the SAMADHAN survey. We also received positive feedback on Nutrifeedo distribution.


October 2021 Newsletter Bhavyata Foundation

In October we visited Igatpuri under its project SAMVARDHAN. We also organized a seminar for young girls, on 13th October visited GPO Mumbai on the occasion of National Philately Day, and supported expectant women under MAA project.

September 2021

Sep Newslettter 2021 Bhavyata Foundation

In the Month of September, Bhavyata Foundation organized a webinar Swasthya Samvad which was centred on preventive measures against the disease. We also organized two Teacher Training Programs in Igatpuri.

August 2021

August Newsletter 2021

We distributed RUSF food packets to 7400 children. We promoted sustainable Bamboo Rakhi and organized an Indian Board Game session. We also organized a Teacher’s Training Program and surveyed the condition of local farmers of Igatpuri.

July 2021

In July, we organized a Lost and Found session about board games. We also conducted a tree plantation drive and promoted a sustainable festival celebration. In addition, we trained Gopalaks and created a Life Skill Curriculum.

June 2021

In June, we provided people of Vakalwadi with 500kg of nutritional fodder, a sealer, and a freezer. We also organized an 11 days teacher training program for BMC teachers and Yoga sessions on Yoga Day.

May 2021

May 2021

To tackle the 2nd COVID wave, distributed Ayurvedic home care kits. The farmer in Vakalwadi now have their own green fodder for bovines after the supply of water. We also organized online teacher training sessions.

April 2021

April 2021

In the wake of 2nd COVID wave, Bhavyata Foundation organized an Ayurvedic online session to tackle it. Additionally, our team also visited the Palghar district for the survey, and we conducted two Marma therapy sessions.

March 2021

Mar 2021

In March, Bahvayta Foundation continues its fight against malnutrition under its initiative SAMADHAN. In addition, we conducted Teacher's training program, and on Women's Day, we organized a webinar on Women's Empowerment.

February 2021

Feb 2021

Bhavyata Foundation organised a teacher training session, webinar on Cancer day and taught villagers the method of making wooden toy. We also assisted in the improvement of rural infrastructure and generate sustainable livelihoods.

January 2021

Jan 2021

A New Year brings a fresh wave of opportunities. We at Bhavyata Foundation distributed kits and sanitation package, raised awareness about women’s personal hygiene and provided training sessions to teachers.

December 2020

Dec 2020

To put a smile on COVID hit families, the Bhavyata foundation completed the installation of a power supply cable, 10 HP multistage pump, and other cultivation equipment in Vakalwadi. Teachers training sessions were also held.

November 2020

Nov 2020

In November, the Bhavyata Foundation distributed 1000 kgs of feed for the Dangi breed cows of Murbad. We also organized a ‘Let’s Defeat Breast Cancer’ online session to spread awareness about breast cancer and its various aspects.

October 2020

Oct 2020

In the pink month, Bhavyata Foundation organized an online session to spread awareness about the prominent Breast Cancer, and our team came up with a protocol design for the SAMADHAN project.

September 2020

Sep 2020

To put a smile on COVID hit families, the Bhavyata foundation completed the installation of a power supply cable, 10 HP multistage pump, and other cultivation equipment in Vakalwadi. Teachers training sessions were also held.

August 2020

Aug 2020

In August, we shed light on the 1857 mutiny via an online session, conducted a Handloom awareness session, and organized sessions of the Bharat Gatha series: to retell the untold stories of the great Indian past.

July 2020

July 2020

To revive nationalist feelings, Bhavyata Foundation organized Karun Unstoppable and the Bharat Gatha Series. Additionally, we paid homage to Kargil warriors on Kargil Diwas and distributed 1050 Kesar Mango Saplings.

June 2020

June 2020

During the distressing times, the Bhavyata foundation took the initiative and organized various Ayurvedic and yogic sessions for all age groups. We also organized the GoAmrit Organic Farming session.

May 2020

May 2020

With the outbreak of coronavirus, Bhavyata foundation took the initiative to provide essentials kits, monthly ration, spread awareness on Coronavirus and conducted weekly Ayurvedic sessions in immunity.

April 2020

April 2020

The Bhavyata Foundation took the initiative during the COVID times to help others in need. We provided essentials kits, monthly ration, spread awareness on Coronavirus and conducted Ayurvedic sessions.

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