Eduved: Ayurved Applications for Student Productivity

Ayurved has been in our tradition and culture since prehistoric times. Its universal principles are renowned for preventing diseases and healing. Ayurved expert Dr. Rahul Marwah states that Ayurved and it’s ancillary supplements should be implemented in our dincharya or daily routine from very early on in our lives. Today most children fail to perform, if and when they do, only due to various reasons relating to physical and mental well-being. If these two are taken care of, children can be molded in a manner where they excel, not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities.

Children today need to deal with pressure and stress due to high expectations and extreme competition. In such a rigorous day and age, it is essential that parents take good care of their wards. Ayurved offers a solution in leading a lifestyle that will not only enhance performance but also make sure the children are mentally and physically sound. 

Why this initiative?

With the pandemic and lockdown in full enforcement, children are getting distracted, being deprived of their usual routines and practices. In such a scenario, it is natural for a child’s psychology to take a toll on his overall well-being. To keep your children motivated, we at Bhavyata Foundation find it an extremely apt time to come up with this seminar in which Dr. Rahul Marwah, an Ayurved expert will address you and your children and answer all your questions regarding an ideal lifestyle that a child should be leading. 

Any other benefits?

This initiative was taken to support and be a pillar to a cause that is extremely relevant today- urban poverty. We have a campaign drive in which we are raising funds to plant 1200 mango saplings to provide a livelihood to the people of Wada block, Palghar district. More details about this campaign are available on

How do I engage?

Parents of children (10-16 years) can attend this session along with their children.

Enroll and register for Eduved for an enriching experience for your children on the link given. This is a tried and tested method for the overall holistic development of your children. Give your wards the chance to excel, the Ayurved way.

When and Where?

25th June 2020, from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Online Webinar Registration is mandatory.

Join us on Eduved to discover the numerous and priceless benefits of Ayurved and see your child reap the harvests of excellence.