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05 June

Earth To Environment

06/05/2222 08:30
Seed Ball Campaigns aims to reforest earth with communities; with an aim to sensitise towards environmental activism.
Royal Indian Navy Uprising Bhavyata Foundation CArd
19 February

Royal Indian Navy Uprising

02/19/2222 07:30
The Royal Indian Navy Uprising of 1946, Inspired from the events of 1857 and the INA.

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04 July

Board Games Workshops

07/04/2222 04:00
We present a workshop on a wide range of Traditional Indian board games. Corporations and Institutions can also involve.
06 July

Embroidery Art Workshops

07/06/2222 04:00
Embroidery is an ancient Indian craft that involves embellishing cloth with threads, pearls, sequins, etc. we organize embroidery workshops.
21 July

Yoga For Corporates And Communities

07/21/2222 04:00
We introduce the Yoga for Corporates and Communities program that promotes holistic well-being. In addition to improving employees’ health.
22 July

Folk Art Workshops

07/22/2222 04:00
The Indian folk arts are culturally-based art forms that have been passed down through generations. we organize folk art workshops.
27 August

Tours And Treks

08/27/2222 04:00
A corporate tour is a refreshing reprieve from today’s fast-paced lifestyle.We design corporate tours that uplift the spirit in organization.

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