Upcoming Events

We undertake events and projects involving Environmental Education with Activism and Sustainable Livelihoods with Conscious Consumption, focusing on Wellness and Holistic Well Being. Organizations eager to participate with their employees have facilitated opportunities for volunteering and contribution.

04 July

Board Games Workshops

07/04/2222 04:00
We present a workshop on a wide range of Traditional Indian board games. Corporations and Institutions can also involve.
06 July

Embroidery Art Workshops

07/06/2222 04:00
Embroidery is an ancient Indian craft that involves embellishing cloth with threads, pearls, sequins, etc. we organize embroidery workshops.
21 July

Yoga For Corporates And Communities

07/21/2222 04:00
We introduce the Yoga for Corporates and Communities program that promotes holistic well-being. In addition to improving employees’ health.
22 July

Folk Art Workshops

07/22/2222 04:00
The Indian folk arts are culturally-based art forms that have been passed down through generations. we organize folk art workshops.
27 August

Tours And Treks

08/27/2222 04:00
A corporate tour is a refreshing reprieve from today’s fast-paced lifestyle.We design corporate tours that uplift the spirit in organization.
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