Content Writing

We believe that anyone can volunteer to help make the world a better place. A critical component of this belief is the requirement to communicate with and engage potential volunteers. The Content Writer will contribute to Bhavyata Foundation’s vision by creating compelling content that fuels our communication – via our website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and any other means of mass communication.

Skill Sets

  • Recreate website content and create new content from a variety of target audience perspectives
  • Create compelling content/narratives for social media posts/email newsletters. Additionally, consider how to leverage photographs, graphics, and videos that help bring our stories to life and tell stories on their own for public relations and marketing purposes.
  • Assist in developing/brainstorming innovative ideas for and maintaining fresh content across multiple communication channels
  • Compose articles and press releases about iVolunteer and its affiliated volunteers and organizations.
  • Research relevant stories and articles and compile data for inclusion in our public relations, website, and social media efforts.


Minimum of 6 hours per week, maximum of 2 hours per day. No, we will not consume your entire day. Yes, we agree that you need to recharge your batteries and focus on your other responsibilities.
To begin, you must be willing to commit to a three-month relationship with us. Trust us when we say that it will take a few weeks for us (you and us) to become acquainted with our vision, communication strategy, and content style. A three-month commitment will justify the time and effort we both put in to be creative and impactful together.

Start Time
6 Months
Apply By
6 Nov’ 20

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