Offering instruction or teaching to a small or large group of people or students; engaging children in interactive and enjoyable experiences, preparing and executing lesson plans, assigning tasks to students, conducting regular assessments through tests, homework, and projects; grading student performance, and participating in the continuous education process.

Skill Set

Eligible candidates who wish to provide such noble service are expected to have skills such as strong teaching experience, familiarity with various disciplines, leadership and communication skills, the ability to motivate and mentor students in the right direction, and work dedication. Education, training, and experience are frequently seen on resumes in addition to a degree.


Minimum of 6 hours per week, maximum of 2 hours per day. No, we will not consume your entire day. Yes, we agree that you need to recharge your batteries and focus on your other responsibilities.
To begin, you must be willing to commit to a three-month relationship with us. Trust us when we say that it will take a few weeks for us (you and us) to become acquainted with our vision, communication strategy, and content style. A three-month commitment will justify the time and effort we both put in to be creative and impactful together.

Start Time
6 Months
Apply By
6 Nov’ 20

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