Life Skills

This world is a better place because of a Volunteer who works selflessly for others. With this notion, volunteers for creating a ‘Life Skills Curriculum’ will work as a critical asset to the organisation. Their primary task is to help create a curriculum for children (age group 5-15 years) that positively affects their mental and physical well-being and overall development.

Skill Set

  • Research interns must have good skills in manoeuvring through websites and picking out relevant information.
  • Interns must also know which source of information is genuine and can be referenced for allotted assignments.
  • Should have the desire of learning new things and the ability to work with timelines.
  • Brainstorming various ideas for an assigned task and analysing data is an important prerequisite that interns need to possess.  
  • A sense of working with the team collaboratively is preferred.


We at Bhavyata Foundation understand that you need time for your other commitments and recharge your batteries. Thereof, you need to dedicate only 40-50 hours to produce the desired results.

Start Time
1 Months
Apply By
31 Dec’ 2021
Remote / In-office

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