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Life gets easier with more greenery and plants around us. Most of us have learned this thing the hard way. Planting a tree is a way of showing your gratitude and respect towards mother nature and society itself. The act of tree plantation comes with numerous benefits. For starters, you will take an active step in backpedalling the effects of climate change. This will be followed by the natural purification of air that trees do around the clock, which will positively affect your health and mind. Along with this, you will also save water, prevent soil erosion and help in reducing water pollution. Plus, do not forget the plethora of things derived from the trees, medicine, fruits, herbs, and that cool shade in a dreadful summer.

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The Bhavyata Foundation is organizing a Tree plantation drive on the 4th of July in the Wada Block of Palghar District, Maharashtra. We invite you to volunteer with us and helps us in planting trees and rejuvenating both the environment and the villagers. It is to be noted that all the COVID-19 norms will be strictly followed during the drive. Along with this, volunteers have to reach the location on time independently, accompanied by all the safety measures on their own.

Reach Time
09:00 Am
One Day
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01st July 2021
Wada, Palghar

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