We believe that volunteers are the selfless souls who are here to make the world a better place. As a research intern, you will play a crucial role in our team. Your job will be to perform in-depth research on an assigned topic and provide us with information, data, statistics, and so, which are authentic.

Skill Sets

  • Research interns must have good skills in manoeuvering through websites and picking out relevant information.
  • Interns must also know which source of information is genuine and can be referenced for allotted assignments.
  • Should have the desire of learning new things and the ability to work with timelines.
  • Brainstorming various ideas for an assigned task and analysing data is an important prerequisite that interns need to possess.  
  • A sense of working with the team collaboratively is preferred.


We at Bhavyata understand and respect the time you give us as an intern. Therefore, a commitment of a total of 40-50 hours shall produce desired results. We realise that you also need your ‘me’ time for recharging your batteries.

Start Time
1 Months
Apply By
31 Dec’ 21
Remote / In-office

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