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Bhavyata Foundation is committed to raise awareness, establish models of communication and space for activism by means of seminars, workshops, educational trails and social volunteering to achieve its goals of sustainability, equity and collective prosperity.



Events at Bhavyata Foundation helps to awaken the innate curiosity of purpose, kindle awareness of perils of misdirected human resources and enlighten human accountability to make this planet a Home for coming generations

28thJuly, 2019


Bhavyata Foundation cordially invites you to a seminar dealing with the science of Garbhavigyan (the science of conception).

12-Feb-14Feb 2019

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What are the factors that make our lives beneficial, unbeneficial, blissful or morose? What are the parameters governing one's lifespan? The sripture which describes all the above factors is called as Ayurveda.