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Aarambh… The First Impressions

The First ever Personality Development Course for Toddlers (3 to 6 years)

A 2 hour monthly sessions for monthly Curriculum for Parents, Educators & Faculty for Toddlers in the age group of 3 to 6 years.

Aarambh is an education system for overall personality development of a child starting as early as age 3 years. At Aarambh, there is a comprehensive revolution delivering concepts, principles, methods that will build the character of a child from the age group of 3-6 years enabling him/her to experience and develop innate physical capacities, emotional nurturing and character buildup with help of activity sheets, outdoor learning, physical activities for motor skills and cultural upbringing.
The development of a child takes place at interpersonal level and intrapersonal level.

Introduction to Panchkosh
(Pancha: Five, Kosh: Spheres of development / Parameters)
Bhartiya Shiksha focused on the holistic development of an individual. The Panchakosh system was formulated keeping the soul as the centre. It focused on beginning with the development of the gross body and gradually progressing to the subtle factors. This was done on the basis of five parameters namely- Annamaykosh (Physical development), Pranamaykosh (Emotional development), Manomaykosh (Mental development), Vigyanmayakosh (Intellectual development) and Anandamaya Kosh (Spiritual development)

At Aarambh, Panchkoshatmak Development of a child takes place with Kshamatao ka Vikas, Samkar evam Charitra Nirman along with Jeevan ke Ghanishtam anubhav and Kriya Kalap.
Sessions for this month shall consist of curriculum of prayers, yog, geet, kriyakalap, kala, sharirik vikas, charitra nirman ke karya and kathakathan.
Curriculum materials like activity sheets and other study as well as teaching aids shall be provided as a a part of the program.

Highlights of the Session

Prayer & Songs | Art & Craft Training | Festival Celebrations | Activity Sheets | Science Experiments | Q&A Sessions | Demo and Hands on session

The above amt also covers the cost of Curriculum kit for the month of October
The amount from fees also goes to support underprivileged students of BMC Balwadis (Pre-School) run by Bhavyata Foundation
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