Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the driving force behind Bhavyata Foundation?

Bhavyata Foundation derives its vision, inspiration and program from the universal principle of harmony in diversity, prosperity with equity and sustainability in posterity. Projects and Campaigns form the structure of the Six Initiatives that it promotes on the basis of the above principles.

2. What are the Six initiatives of the Bhavyata Foundation in brief?

Following are the Six Initatives
Hunger free Mumbai – Fighting Malnutrition and Sustaining Wellness by Diet
Bridge for Artisans – Supporting Rural Talent by Conscious Consumerism
School of Sustenance – Sustainability by Environmentalism, Skill and Livelihoods
Lessons for life – Balance and Progress in Life by Education, Culture and Applied Lifestyle Techniques
Sowing the Seeds – Saving our Seeds and Breeds
India First – Nationa Building by Narratives and Entrepreneurship

3. What are projects and campaigns within each initiative?

Campaigns run seasonally or for a set duration over distributed geographical spaces, while projects are sustained in a particularly specific physical location.

4. Can anyone participate in volunteering and sharing their skill sets for the fulfilment of above initiative?

Yes, anyone can get connected to the above projects by going to the volunteer tab in Engage section, while filling a profile form to render specific contribution to fulfil above mention six objectives.