Krida Yog

Krida Yog is a program designed for tackling the causes and consequences of over information, weak emotional resilience, physical inefficiencies and health challenges due to multiple reasons. 

Krida Yog is a well researched and well-planned program that combines the art of wellness, the joy of recreation and the potential of learning. Replete with scientific research into these time tested ancient wisdom on child health and well being, we have devised a detailed curriculum with recreational play and exercise program involving dynamic movements, yogic asanas, exercises, breathing techniques, recreational games and many value building conversations for age group 6-15 years. 

Education and Yoga 

While relating to yogic practices for children right from infanthood till 15 years, there is a direct connection between child development and universally applicable yogic principles. 

Dealing with posture and flexibility, yogic asanas help children develop robust and healthy physical well being, which is very critical to learning ability.

This proposal is for a 7-year project per Ashram Shala with a twelve-month template for the program suggested as below to be undertaken by Bhavyata Foundation. 

We, at Bhavyata Foundation, have collaborated with the finest certified yoga teachers who have a blend of experience in physical training, sports education and yoga therapy. Dealing with children requires a physical and physiological foundation, which are found linked to the learning process. 

The Krida Yog is designed for all age groups: 

  • A: 6-8 years(dynamic movements, postures, indoor games, yogic exercises, simple and traditional outdoor games)
  • B: 9-11 years (recreational sports and traditional Indian native games, pranic exercises, yogic asanas and traditional board games)
  • C: 12-15 years (yogic asanas, technique of pranayama, yog nidra and stress relaxation, outdoor re-creative games and traditional board games)

Annual Assessment and Evaluation at the end of Academic Year for three batches:(A, B & C)

Adopt 1 Ashram School(Rural School with Hostel) annually: Rs. 2.12, 480

Adopt 3 Ashram School(Rural School with Hostel) annually: Rs. 6,37,440



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