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Gift culture, gift exchange, and giftivism are all terms used to describe the gift economy. The gift economy is founded on the belief that the world is abundant and trustworthy.
The Gift Economy is the polar opposite of the Greed Economy. In one situation, it’s the concept of carefree sharing, while in the other, it’s the concept of fear and uncertainty.   Many of India’s renowned artisans are being forced out of their jobs due to industrial production. Artisans, professional workers, and small business owners struggle to succeed in a world of artificial intelligence, digital presence, and rapidly evolving business models. Corporate gifts, in particular, can help achieve a win-win situation. A Corporate/Institution can achieve this by empowering its employees and creating opportunities for livelihood through giftings.

Celebrating Culture

Toys are vital for learning, teaching empathy, hand-eye coordination and creative thinking. With parents becoming more eco-conscious in their child-rearing choices and the rise of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, it is time to work to revive and embrace our country’s craftsmanship. Across 20 Indian states, there are more than 30 diverse and one-of-a-kind toy-making crafts.

Fashion And Lifestyle

India’s weaving traditions & styles are rich & diverse, but in many parts of the country, they are on the decline & weavers struggle to compete. But with the collaboration of supporters and consumers, we can promise a scaled production and uninterrupted livelihood. In a bid to revive hand made craft and handlooms, we encourage sustained and committed consumption for enhanced livelihoods.

Toys And Recreation

India is a land of fairs and festivals. More festivals are celebrated in India than anywhere else globally. At the same time, some festivals celebrate the seasons, the harvest, or the arrangements of constellations. These traditions provide the ideal setting for exchanging gifts. Join our subscription plan for a gift guide for every festival. You can also make the day more special by our celebrating culture kits.




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