Ayurvedic Wisdom Part 1

Start time April 16, 2020 15:00
Finished Time April 21, 2020 16:00

Live Long with Secrets of Ayurved Based Lifestyle Bhavyata Foundation has undertaken the task of reviving traditional and scientific wisdom of Ancient India under its initiative “Lessons for Life”. In the Ayurvedic Wisdom Series, we shall dwell on strengthening our bodily organs, harmonise with elements of nature and protecting us from lifestyle diseases. In Part I Series, 3 Sessions shall accommodate Eye Care, Water therapy and Diabetes Management. Especially in Digital Age, where the eyes are constantly strained due to unfavourable exposure to many harmful radiations while working on computer screens and mobile phones, Eyecare in Ayurved shall bring much-needed relief from the dangers that modern technology brings in.


Pooja Shah

Ayurved Practitioner since 14 years, Degree from Gujarat Ayurved University and (Naadi Parikshan) Pulse reading from Shri Bhaskarbhai Hardikarji.

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