Bharat Gaathaa Series – V: Operation Red Lotus

Start time August 15, 2020 18:00
Finished Time August 15, 2020 20:00

In this session on the eve of Independence Day, Parag Tope shall be unravelling many organisational details and logistics of the war, the reasons why the battle was lost, but the war was won. Many myths regard to controversy of Tatya Tope’s death shall be clarified. Parag Tope comes from the family of Tatya Tope, one of the leaders of the war of 1857. He is the author of Operation Red Lotus that presents the war from an Indian point of view. He decoded the mystery of Red Lotus flowers and chapatis that were used in the planning of the logistics of the war.


Parag Tope

Author of the book “Operation Red Lotus”

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