Kali to Kusum

Kali to Kusum Event
Start time August 19, 2017 11:00
Finished Time January 25, 2020 13:00
Address S.K. Somaiya college, Vidyavihar.

Kali To Kusum

The female physiology is such that it greatly depends on the secretion of various hormones for proper functioning. A young girl enters into womanhood through a process known as the menses or menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle is a result of the secretion and also the fluctuation in the levels of the various hormones secreted by the female body. In order, to prepare the woman for the most cherished and important phases of her life i.e. motherhood. Thus, the menstrual cycle is an important phenomenon in
every female’s life.

Healthy hormonal coordination leads to a healthy menstrual cycle which ultimately ensures a healthy pregnancy. Oligomenorrhoea (irregular menses) and dysmenorrhoea (painful menses) are common complaints among teenage girls nowadays. Also, the numbers of PCOD patients are on a rise. What are
the factors that affect this cycle in such a crucial manner? Can these problems be cured?

Also, this crucial phenomenon is clouded with many controversies. While some claim that practices such as abstaining from religious rituals, cooking, and bathing during periods are mere taboos, others consider them to be a
matter of piety and sin. Are these practices mere superstitions or is there a scientific reason behind them? A journey of becoming Kusum from Kali.

Bhavyata Foundation presents Kali to Kusum to cover these topics in depth.


Dr. Karishma Narwani Speaker

Dr. Karishma Narwani

Director of Garbhavigyan Anusandhan Kendra and Chief Physician at Prabhaben Arogya Kendra, Jamnagar.

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