Losing our Mother Tongue

Start time September 05, 2020 17:00
Finished Time September 05, 2020 18:00

Languages are the pedigrees of a Nation. Mother Tongue is the armour of the human mind. It is certainly justifiable in the know-how of foreign languages. Yet, it doesn’t make sense in the ignorance of your native language. Only the stupidest of people become proud of speaking a distorted mother tongue. It is a fact well proved that attrition of Mother Tongue is possible. The more we embrace and eulogize foreign languages, the farther we move away from our native language. Loss of a language is a dangerous loss, and more tragic is that we are accepting this loss happily. Indian families are losing their color and character because the new generations no longer speak the mother tongue. What exactly leads to the attrition of the mother tongue? What are the consequences of this situation? Why is this a high time to think about this issue? How can we make our mother tongue live long? To know more about this, join the webinar on this 5th September where Dhananjay Joshi with Expert Meenu Gulati will be talking about why and how we should care about the preservation of our mother language. Losing our Mother Tongue is losing ourselves!


Dhananjay joshi

Dhananjay Joshi

Commancder Ex- Navy, Internation Education Consultant, Indic through Promoter

Meenu Gulati

Education expert with 25 years of experience

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