Lost And Found

Lost And Found Event
Start time July 03, 2021 05:00
Finished Time July 03, 2021 06:30

Lost and Found
Indian Board Games for Wisdom and Recreation

Out of all the riches and wisdom India gave to the world, Indian board games are one of the most relished. Learning these games on a large scale can help people overcome issues like rage, anxiety, and murder. Landing on a virtual grid, on the other hand, was like accomplishing good things like being modest, truthful, and kind, and thus climbing the moral ladder.

These Indian board games can be categorised as counting games, war games, racing games, matching games, hunting games, solitary games, and morality games. Each of them offers various modes of play, players, board set-up, counter numbers and winning options. The list of games to explore is almost infinite. This session will try to cover all the main traditional Indian games entertaining, educating, strategical, and even appealing to conscience.

Additionally, we will provide an open platform for anybody to play these board games by making the game boards with everyday household objects, like paper and pen, and including buttons or peanuts to serve as game pieces.

Date – 3rd July 2021
Time – 5 to 6:30 pm


Yogini Aatreya


Ms. Yogini Vinayak Aatreya is pursuing her Masters in Archaeology from Deccan College
Postgraduate and Research Institute (Deemed University). She has been introduced to ancient
Indian board games since childhood. She has keen interest in gaining an understanding of
games played by people all around. She is associated with Project Kheliya of INSTUCEN
TRUST since 2017. She has presented two papers on games in national and international
conferences. She updates and upgrades herself in things associated with Archaeology and
Indian Culture. She has keen interest in Epigraphy and a budding interest in Anthropology.

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