Panchkosh & Ideals of Vedic Parenting

Start time July 29, 2018 16:00
Finished Time July 29, 2018 19:30
Address Shri Braj Mandal A 29, Atmaram Nagdekar Marg, French Road, Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai-400007

Bhavyata Foundation conducted a seminar on Panchkosh Education & Ideals of Vedic Parenting. The outcome of this revival of this indigenous system of Character, Skill and Awareness is to promote efficacy of teaching methods, breeding quality Teacher training and Cultivating platforms of fruitful Teacher-Student Relationships. At the heart of this model is genuine reciprocation of knowledge sharing and curiosity in the Teacher Student relationship.




Muneet Dhiman is the founder and leader at Vidyakshetra. He heads the pedagogy and training in the Vidyalaya along with class teachership of high school children. He also heads the research for History and High School curriculum in Math and Science subjects. He holds an Engineering degree in computer science and has worked in the IT industry for 15 years. He says, ‘Being with children is teaching him how to be a learner for life.’

Preethi Dhiman Speaker


Preethi Dhiman is the co-founder of Vidyakshetra. She holds class teachership in middle school. She supports the pedagogy and training functions. She is the head of Languages & is the Handwork teacher too at Vidyakshetra. She holds a post graduate degree in Management and has worked for a decade in the management functions of IT industry. Children teach you to be fully in the present and it’s a good present, when a teacher is fully present for them, according to her.

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