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Start time February 19, 2022 07:30
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Inspired from the events of 1857 and the INA

The Royal Indian Navy Uprising of 1946

On the anniversary (18th February) of the Royal Indian Navy Uprising of 1946, it is right time to commemorate the sacrifice of courageous young men who dared to oppose an Empire and “energised the hearts and minds of our sailors, infantry soldiers, airmen, mill hands, students, labourers, and citizens.”

Although it lasted less than a week and is mostly forgotten in popular memory, the February 1946 Royal Indian Navy (RIN) was possibly the single most crucial incident in encouraging the British to expedite their withdrawal from India.

Perhaps it is normal for some events and persons to be remembered more than others. Indian independence is no exception. While great leaders and the movements they led inspire reverence, there are unsung heroes whose contributions have gone unnoticed save in historians’ scholarly works. The RIN, which began on February 18, 1946 – and in only five days dealt a deadly blow to the British Raj’s whole structure – is an oft-forgotten event. Let us examine the revolt’s narrative, including its origins, circumstances, and effects, all of which played a significant role in the independence movement.

The Inconvenient Events leading to the Royal Indian Naval Uprising of February 1946
7.30 pm to 8.30 pm IST
By Ex-Indian Navy Commander, Dhananjay Joshi
8.30 pm to 9 pm IST: QA Session by Shri. Parag Tope, Descendant of Tatya Tope and author of the book on the Anglo-Indian war of 1857 “Operation Red Lotus”


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Shriman Dhananjay Joshi

Parag Tope

Author of the book “Operation Red Lotus

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