Thread & Needle Day

Start time July 25, 2020 14:00
Finished Time July 25, 2020 14:30

Embroidery- The gateway to colourful Indian Culture. Embroidery is an expression of self, rendered with patience and hard work.
It is an art rightly described as “Painting by the needle”.
The art of embroidery is truly enticing and intriguing.
Embroidery is a rich legacy and a heritage offered to Indian culture.
The artisans embed lively expression through exquisite patterns and motifs on the fabric that often whisper tales of love and affection.
So let’s all come together to learn about the history of Indian traditional & tribal embroidery craft to honour our great artisans who have shown their commitment to the Indian culture and salute them for such beautiful art. Their art is a way to our hearts!
Celebrating the Thread & Needle Day!


Darshana Mule

Darshana Ganesh Mule

She has achieved a Diploma in Fashion Designing from Le Mark School of Arts, Borivali.
She has interacted with handloom weavers of Kutch. Her area of interest is to research different weaving styles of India and to work for the benefit of the weaver community.

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