The Three Keys To Success: Celebrating Never Give Up Day

The Three Keys To Success: Celebrating Never Give Up Day

We all blame our life when in trouble, don’t we? After multiple failed attempts at achieving something, we heave a sigh of disappointment. We feel numb when we cannot find the right path to choose. The span of misery always seems to be longer as compared to the span of joy. We quickly tend to give up in the face of failure. Life gives us oranges when we expect apples the most. What should we do then, when nothing shows us the ray of hope and our expectations unfulfilled. When you want to run, but all your roads are blocked? Well, take a long breath, sit back and focus on your inner self (even if it is scattered broken!). A glimpse of a star can erase the darkness of the night, shall never be long enough to hinder the way of the dawn. It is the toughest of times that set up the perfect platform to move forward. So, NEVER GIVE UP!

The Case Of US Marine And The Spider

Do you remember the story of the US Marine and the spider? The soldier, being stranded on an island, took shelter in a cave and kept on praying to God to protect him from the enemy soldiers drawing close. Then he noticed a spider weaving its web in front of the cave. He mocked God but then saw that the enemies came in front of the cave and after throwing a glance at the cave, they went away. Suddenly, he realised that because of the spider web over the entrance, the cave looked as if no one had entered it for quite a while.

We all face terrible troubles in our lives. But as long as we do not give up, a spider’s web can be a strong stone-wall of protection. Toeing this story, how can we not pose the tale of the farmer who slept through the storm! The young man whose qualification, as he mentioned, was that he could sleep through the storm. After a few weeks, when a disastrous storm came, the young man was found sleeping, since he had done all his responsibilities beforehand when the sky was clear. Hence, apart from having faith in ourselves and the Almighty, we must not wallow in bed with some ‘would have’ or ‘should have’. Instead, we will do our part loyally and sincerely so that the storm cannot destroy our sleep.

Pandemic And The Will To Not Give Up

In this time of Covid-19 pandemic, we all are stuck in the dark. But even in the darkest of days, there is always hope. The doctors, health workers and sanitation workers are working relentlessly to protect us in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Things are not always easy, and there is still some peril or the other to hinder us from walking ahead. The secret of winning lies in not giving up before the miracle happens. In the world of endless struggles, we all are different versions of Sisyphus, trying to lift the boulder and failing each time miserably. But we must imagine the toiler happy. We must not lose hope. We must not give up.

On the Never Give Up Day, Bhavyata Foundation appreciates all of you who have never ceased going ahead, serving people with compassion, while shining hopes in the darkest times. In this challenging situation of the pandemic, Bhavyata Foundation has not lost hope, and the team has helped to reach out to the remotest places, tribal areas in Maharashtra to guard people in the crisis. Soon we will be celebrating the World Humanitarian Day, celebrating the courage of health workers who serve humanity despite the odds to stand by people in need. Stay tuned!

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