India First

Her deepest treasures are yet to be unleashed.

India First initiative revolves around nation building by engaging with various communities and professionals. Building empowering infrastructures of education, sanitation, disaster relief, health, wellness, ecology and heritage with a fervour of patriotism and leadership legacy are the core issues we address.

Support Nation Building Initiatives by Awareness and Activism.



Bhavyata Foundation under its initiative India First is engaged in promoting Indian Heritage by organising educational and cultural tours to the sites of national importance with a view of rightful positioning of Indian narrative free from colonial hang-overs. The goal of this initiative is to instil self esteem, educate in Indian history and cultivate national identity in pursuit of India’s own rich history of valour, prudence, exceptional scientific achievements and marked economic prosperity.

Nation Building is a multidimensional concept, and it involves the active participation of its citizens in various walks of life. In their pursuit of personal goals, Indians are intensely competitive. Yet we lack consensus on a shared national essence and hence a dire need for psychological bond between citizen and nation. Developing a framework to achieve intellectual positioning of its country, restoring civilisational continuity, pride in national identity, securing economic stability and socially empowered communities is the objective of leadership excellence for nation building.