Take Action for Fight Against Hunger

The Pandemic has affected already malnourished populations.
Join us to help each child rise above the curse of hunger.

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Hunger Free Nation

Our goal is to mobilize forces to form a cohesive working unit & bring about a co-ordinated effort to combat urban malnutrition in association with other allied partner organizations.

Covid19 Food Relief

Covid19 Food Relief

With the help of generous donors and supporters as yourselves, Bhavyata Foundation has reached out to 10030 such families.
Fight Malnutrition

Fight Malnutrition

A integrated and sustainable method to tackle malnutrition in vulnerable populations with supplementary nutrition and clinical assessments.
Slum to School

Slum to School

School education, nutritional and health support for underprivileged children to provide them with a platform for the future they deserve.


A holistic, multi-pronged and integrated approach to tackle the menace of drug abuse and reformation of those who were affected.
We’re Helping Hand On

8639 children and mothers on 168 locations in India

Nutriton Supplements
Tailored made supplements catered to raise the bar in fight against malnutrition
Nutrition Education
Awareness Sessions to introduce healthy and low cost recipes in affected populations
Aid to Preschoolers
Stunting and wasting rampant in age 3- 5years and hence the dire need addressed
Medical Assistance
Supporting malnourished children with medical intervention in case of extreme cases
To the remote locations where the aid and awareness are difficult to reach out
Synergising with Poshan Abhiyan to introduce millet nutrition and cultivation
Projects And Campaigns

Your Contribution Counts

Your donations save you money on taxes because all donations to Bhavyata Foundation are eligible for tax-deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Samadhan: Resolve Mankind’s Challenges of Food Equity and Nutrition

The COVID pandemic has exacerbated the health and nutrition crisis among the poorest of the poor in the country. A 91% rise in the number of SAM children can be witnessed.

Meals Distributed
Childrens Benefited
Women Supported
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