Plan Your Progeny Program

‘Plan Your Progeny’ (PYP) Program aims to educate couples desiring to bring forth progeny with the scientific process of Garbha Samskar. The method of giving birth in India was a known science named “Garbha Sanskar.”

What Exactly Is PYP?

In the PYP Program regimen, the couple adapts to diet and lifestyle while adopting beneficial exercises and engaging in positive thinking activities to ensure the birth of a child with fortified physical capacity, resilient emotional buildup, refined intellect, and a conscientious approach to life.

plan your progeny

When Should A Couple Begin PYP Program?

PYP entails prenatal care and beginning preparations at least a year before conception. There is now a growing body of scientific evidence highlighting the significance of prenatal & antenatal practices and their impact on the unborn child.

Program Features

PYP Program suggests a structured plan with guidelines for the couple to follow a Conducive Lifestyle, Effective and Healthy Diet, Exercise, Affirmations and Resolutions, Meditation, and Positive Communication.

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    Plan Your Progeny

    Studies have proven that babies learn while they are still in the womb. Keeping this in mind, we have conducted seminars to educate parents on the importance of life discipline during the 9 months of pregnancy. These seminars include Ayurvedic treatments, diet & exercise plans and medical help.

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