Krida Yog: Yog to Build a Better Tomorrow

Krida Yog: Yog to Build a Better Tomorrow

Increase in average screen time, indulgence in fast food, and addiction to social media has led to increased obesity. By 2025 there would be 17 million obese children in India. An active yog based wellness regime can solve all concerns in regards to a sedentary lifestyle. Let’s have a look at ‘Krida Yog: Yog to Build a Better Tomorrow’.

An Introduction

Yoga is a process of all-round personality development — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. On the other hand, Krida Yog is a subtle introduction to the playful side of yoga where children and adults practice asanas and other physical movements to develop the taste for yoga and to introduce the body to a new form of physical growth. It brings clarity in thought process, improves the motor sensors of the body and its physical capacity as well.

In general, games and sports give a free vent to pent-up emotions and thus, release accumulated stress. These help us control our excitements and culture our emotions. At the same time group games create a field of energy, helps in breaking the barriers of laziness and converts excessive active energy into Sattvic or peaceful energy.

Orphaned, slum children and the ones belonging to the weaker sections of society are often found to be in a chronic state of anxiety, depression and ill health that worsens as they move to adulthood. The complementary and alternative medicine to it is the practice of Krida Yog, which holds promise as a non-invasive, zero incurring cost, safe and non-pharmacological approach to child mental and physical well being. As the old saying goes ‘One can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’ Krida Yog helps these children to counteract negative social and cultural influences and form a positive bond with people and nature.

Benefits Of These Practices

These yogic games cover not only the elements of all physical exercises involving bodybuilding, quick reflexes, stamina, strength, flexibility and dexterity but enhance mental faculties of both the sides of the brain, right and left like IQ memory, concentration and also creativity. More than that, Krida Yog develops the most needed spiritual quality in child i.e awareness, alertness or wakefulness.

In the modern era of busy schedules, many of us accumulate stress. Therefore, yogic games can help them a lot to relieve stress and provide them with all kinds of benefits. And the most interesting part is these yogic games do not need a big space or any other big material to start, it can be started at any place whether it is an office place, schools, community halls, parks, open grounds or some specific centres.

What more is required if one gets the feeling of fulfilment in a world full of stress?

Lokesh Chawre, an experienced yoga and fitness trainer, has been an essential part of this initiative. He conducts teacher training courses and has trained many school PT teachers, NGO workers, corporate people and children both in theoretical yogic aspect and its recreational bent. He says ‘the entertainment and discovery of creativity in these games spurs grasping and retention power in a child. It benefits their studies with better concentration and presence of mind.’

From school to tuition, sports to recreation, extra-curricular to homework, children’s schedules are as hectic as that of an adult. Their blossoming minds are hard at work, absorbing information in a myriad of fields. A parent may wonder how to fit into this sensory adventure that their child experiences and enjoys. Though Yoga may seem to suit an adult’s taste, the facts of its connection to children are fascinating. The physical exertions which they easily perform and enjoy help build their self-confidence and improves their body sensitivity and coordination. It also sharpens their memory.

Bhavyata Foundation’s Step Towards A Healthier Youth

Till now, Bhavyata Foundation has conducted Krida Yog sessions in 7 locations of Mumbai, one in Palghar and one in Ahmedabad. There have been many sessions in different schools across Mumbai but as of now, regular weekly sessions are being conducted in Navajivan Prathamik School, Thane and Marvali Municipal Gujarati School, Chembur.

Madhu Panchal, Principal of Marvali Municipal Gujarati School, says ‘the attendance of her students has increased exponentially. With the start of regular Krida Yog sessions and students are willing to come on Saturdays (half-day) to especially attend the sessions’. She describes that the students had a hidden desire for such opportunities. Because it makes them feel free of usual peer and family pressure.

History tells us that this sacred task of moulding these young spirits was tasked to a guru. Within the sacred shade of the gurukul, little minds were given this ancestral wisdom. We may still uphold this tradition with a twist of innovation. Today, parents and teachers are the perfect guides who could assimilate the role of a guru. And then use yoga to form an unbreakable bond with their young ones. Bhavyata Foundation organises Krida Yog batches for adults and children on weekends in localities like Thane, Tilaknagar, Bhandup, Ghatkopar west, South Mumbai and is open to connecting with people who want to conduct the same in their own locality.

What Does Karvi Bhatta Have To Say?

Karvi Bhatt, a trainee from public forums of Krida Yog held in Tilak Nagar, Mumbai described Krida Yog being interesting.  Amol Hule, a parent, said ‘He had forgotten to play because of work and family care’. He said involvement in Krida Yog gave him more energy and spiked the fun-element (‘Anand’). Karvi eagerly waits for the weekend to attend such sessions. He feels these sessions are empowering. Girish Muthiyan, who works with Bank of America has attended TTC under Lokesh Chawre and is spreading the same. He does this through inspirational talks and Krida Yog activities in different schools. He says ‘children mostly love the hurdle game and their response to each activity was amazing.’ 

We believe the revival of traditional games. And their relevance to fitness and wellness especially among children will fetch a healthy workforce to the nation.

Final Thoughts

Krida Yog is a program for tackling the causes and consequences of sedentary learning. In addition to weak emotional resilience, physical incapacities and health challenges in children from 6–15 years. Krida Yog is a well-researched and planned program. It combines the art of wellness, joy of recreation and the potential of learning. We have devised a time tested curriculum in recreational play and exercise programs involving yogic asanas, exercises, breathing techniques, recreational games and many value building conversations. It brings a mix of indoor and outdoor activities with the necessary physical build-up and energy infusion. Some games like table reachmedicine ball throw and statue game develop flexibility, strength and invoke a better presence of mind in a child.

Krida Yog Teacher Training Courses ( TTC) were conducted on numerous occasions including on International Yoga Day to forward the impact of wellness on overall wellbeing and physical development of children catering to 109 trainees.

We opine Krida Yog to be a part of the school curriculum for reduction of stress and academic anxiety. Moreover, yogic games of this kind facilitate the wellbeing of our youth thereby maintaining social harmony and peace within the community.

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