In India today, we face both, an environmental crisis and a developmental crisis. Apart from the Climate Challenge, the reality that is facing humanity is another self made crisis of Obesity. India will be a chief driver of the explosion of childhood obesity by 2030, when 250 million children worldwide will be obese. The Rationale The right kind of economic growth is ongoing, inclusive, and sustainable. That means ensuring that our villages, towns and cities are those where people can breathe, move and be productive, that the energy that powers industries and homes comes from cleaner, cheaper sources, and that our natural assets can continue providing resources and environmental services on which the well-being of present and future generations depends.
India has the largest population of adolescents (10-19 years) in the world – 253 million – and every fifth adolescent in the world is an Indian. Many of the adult health outcomes are based on what you do in adolescence.
Therefore a concerted program to deal with education in sustainability, skilling for environmentally stable livelihoods and wellness driven initiatives to raise a healthy generation is the central to this initiative. The Intervention – Projects and Campaigns, The Methodology, The Impact Krida Yog is a program designed for tackling the causes and consequences of sedentary learning, weak emotional resilience, physical incapacities and health challenges in children from 6-15 years. Krida Yog is a well researched and planned program that combines the art of wellness, joy of recreation and the potential of learning. Replete with scientific research into these time tested ancient wisdom on child health and well being, we have devised an curriculum in recreational play and exercise program involving yogic asans, exercises, breathing techniques, recreational games and many value building conversations. Three Kridayog Teacher Training Courses were conducted on numerous occasions to forward the impact of wellness on overall well being and physical development of children catering to 109 trainees.

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