Lessons for Life

What we learn as children make us who we are.

Lifestyle efficiency and balance are becoming need of the hour. Deriving from time tested wisdom – learning family values, morality, social ethics and good governance form the core of educational initiatives. Awareness sessions and workshops relating to holistic education, lifestyle and wellness are means of dissemination.

Support Wellness and Enhance Humanity Quotient with Transformative Techniques.



A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change in body, mind, and consciousness. Under its initiative Lessons for Life, Bhavyata Foundation conducts workshops on Ayurvedic Dincharya with the assistance of certified Ayurvedic practitioners and yoga teachers.

Bharat Shiksha Abhiyan is a 2-day workshop for parents and Individuals which aims to revive the ancient methods and systems of knowledge n which is based on the Vedic ideals of Character, self-sustainability, and prosperity through simplicity and sharing. Such workshops are facilitated by experts in the field of psychology, research, education, sciences, skills and pedagogy.

Bhavyata Foundation with its expert team of educators and panel of experts in child education are dedicated to nurture healthy and empowering childhood to the most needy and unprivileged children in urban Mumbai


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