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Lessons For Life

Lifestyle efficiency and balance are becoming need of the hour. Deriving from time tested wisdom – learning family values, morality, social ethics and good governance form the core of educational initiatives. Awareness sessions and workshops relating to holistic education, lifestyle and wellness are means of dissemination.



Empower individuals with knowledge and skill for human development while promoting holistic well-being and education.


Advocating wellness derived from empirical knowledge of Ancient India by improvising daily habits and harmonising with the forces of nature.


Preschools run with convergence of nutrition, curiosity driven learning and experiential tools for toddlers between 3-6 years.
Yog And Recreation

Yog And Recreation

A holistic program for children between ages 6-15 about the art of wellness, joy of recreation and the potential of learning.
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Education opportunities for 5 Preschools and 1450+ students

Child Centric Education
Content and Pedagogy for Child Development
Life Skills and Wellness
Bringing health, nutrition and exercise into practice
Driving Excellence
Enabling programs for competence with character
Blending Ancient with Modern
Taking wisdom to a contemporary conclusion
Involving Stakeholders
Parent and Teacher Orientation for Child Centric Approach
Lessons in life learning to help children be self-sufficient
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