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“I always tell people that one should never forget his/her mother, motherland, native place and mother tongue” – M. Venkaiah Naidu ( Vice President of India)

The mother tongue must be an instructor to safeguard the cultural heritage, patrimony, of India. The mother tongue provides a sound foundation for creative expression. It is a medium for the transmission of culture, scientific knowledge and a worldview through generations. Learning Mother Tongue is important for intellectual development, to better connect with our culture and for social inclusiveness. Moreover, it is a fundamental right and freedom of expression for indigenous people.

Do we think in a language? Does language influence our thinking? If we know more languages, does it mean we are more ‘knowledgeable’?
When we speak our mother tongue, does it give us a sense of identity that goes beyond our national identity? Do we preserve a part of our culture, when we speak the local language?
These are questions that need answers. In an increasingly globalised world, one cannot neglect mass languages of the world like Spanish, English and even Mandarin. However, does it need to come at the cost of losing our mother tongue permanently? Would we like to grow up in a monoculture and monolingual world?
This presentation explores the process of losing our mother tongue, goes on to its effects and then leaves the audience with the thought, ‘what can we, as parents and young adults do.’
We also have an education expert, who would dovetail this into our National Education Policy of 2020. Please join us.



SPEAKERS- Dhananjay Joshi with Expert, Meenu Gulati 



Education Qualifications: 

● Graduated from National Defence Academy

● Holds a degree in MTech in Electronics and Telecom

● MBA and MSc in International Relations 

Experiences and Achievements:

● Commander in Indian Navy and served Vikrant and Viraat aircraft.

● Founding Bursar at Pathway World, Gurgaon

● Teaching experience of 14 years at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai and taught subjects of Business Management & Philosophy.

● Later, he headed the International Baccalaureate Program at Dhirubhai Ambani School. Facilitated by the Massachusetts Institue of Technology

● Member of the FICCI team for National Education Policy, 2020

● Senior examiner for Business Management & Philosophy with International Baccalaureate, Geneva

● Writing team History book “Operation Red Lotus” – Rupa Publication



● Twenty-five years of varied experience in the field of school education (Rural & Urban), youth development, training and capacity building.

● Teaching experience in Army-run Educational Institutes.

● Have worked with private urban schools focusing on the areas of 

Continuous Comprehensive Education, Constructivism and Multiple Intelligences. 

● In rural education, focus areas are Empowerment of Self- Help groups women and quality education for children. 

● She was associated with integrated Education and Skills Training program for school drop-out youth which worked on identifying the aptitude of the candidates and mapping to the right combination of academic subjects and finding the right placement opportunities for them.

● Later, managed Education and Skills Training Program as Education and Skills Specialist with the aid of the World Bank.

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