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SAMAADHAAN – a movement under our HUNGER FREE NATION initiative to fight malnutrition in the affected district of Palghar by Bhavyata Foundation in partnership with Bhaktivedanta Hospital (a project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust)


The global comparison of malnutrition shows that the prevalence of undernutrition in Maharashtra is worse than some of the world’s poorest countries such as Bangladesh (33% underweight), Afghanistan (25% underweight) or Mozambique (15%). In Vikramgad Taluka of the recently carved Palghar District, Maharashtra, the statistics are more than alarming; 37,272 children are underweight, and 6,000 are severely underweight as per 2018-19 statistics. Three thousand infants and child mortalities have happened in the last seven years. Loss of traditional forest-dependent livelihood, unemployment and migration to cities as daily wage earners reduces the chances of the tribal households being able to crawl out of poverty.


The project Samaadhaan aims at a three-month pilot intervention to impart nutrition diet three times a day and medical supervision by education, awareness and intervention.

Reaching out with the help of the local hospital, local grassroots community connect, Bhavyata Foundation has identified 200 severely malnourished tribal children from villages in a tribal community dominated Palghar District, who need immediate attention. Malnutrition screening of more than 500 children under six years shall be conducted by Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Zadpoli, Vikramgad with the aid of anthropometric measurements (height, weight and MUAC) and clinical examination.


Nutritional intervention is to be done by Nutrition education & Providing Supplementary Diet.

Oral supplementary foods are specially formulated foods in ready-to-eat, milled or powdered, high in energy density, protein, fat and rich in micronutrients to help meet the nutritional requirements of children affected by severe acute malnutrition and moderate acute malnutrition (SAM AND MAM). The main ingredients in supplementary foods include rajgeera, varai (samo), chana dal(sattu) milk powder; moringa leaves powder, groundnut, ragi, ghee, jaggery. The supplementation provides a daily average of 600 kcal, including 18 gms of proteins and 20 gms of fat.

These foods serve as a supplement to their regular home diet, and not the entire daily nutritional intake requirement of these children.


Their anthropometry shall be serially recorded every month, for three months. Anganwadi(Preschool) sevikas and assistants supporting the Bhavyata foundation shall undertake an essential role in distributing supplementary foods to all the selected children. The Foundation shall train the Anganwadi sevikas for the distribution of the supplemental foods as well as nutritional education to mothers of SAM/MAM children.


A three-course diet comprising a combination of measured nutrition, local and appealing in taste costs around Rs.100 per day per child. The Overall Support for 1 Malnourished Child shall be Rs. 9000 for 3 Months(90 days). We shall need 200 donors to achieve this milestone to its logical conclusion.

Harping upon its previous experience over the last three years in dealing with Child Nourishment and Fighting Hunger, we wish to take up this challenge collectively with the support of well-wishers like yourself to take up this uphill task to achieving a meaningful turnaround for Humanity. CSR and Community Supported are always welcome. To Support the entire project: please write to us at

Donations are tax-exempt under Section 80G. Community Support, as well as CSR Funding, are welcome as well.