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The mental and physical well-being of an individual entirely depends on their lifestyle and diet regimen. One of the oldest Indian texts, Ayurveda, contains detailed insights and lays down the norms to be followed by an individual to attain such life. The Dincharya Series is based on these norms and rules. The series gives explicit knowledge about various rules an individual must follow to live a disease-free and healthy life. It sheds light on Ritucharya, the bathing process, the benefits of different spices, vegetables, and fruits, and a discussion on the Ratricharya.

Ayurved Wisdom Series - 1

Ayurveda is an ocean of profound knowledge and hidden insights about things most of us are unaware of. The Ayurvedic Wisdom Series I aims at unraveling such hidden insights. The series sheds light on Water, Sun, and Diabetes. Each of these topics is discussed with keen depth and with references to a myriad of Ayurvedic texts. We learn the answer to questions such as: What can one do daily to keep our eyes healthy? What to eat and what to not as a diabetic patient? How Sun affects different doshas of our body? And more.

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Monthly Dispatch

APRIL 2022

Bhavyata foundation Apr 22 monthly dispatch

Bhavyata Foundation supported Gopalaks from Tribal Igatpuri, Nashik with nutritional feed for their cattle. Maternal Nutrition kits for the pregnant women were distributed. On the occasion of 75th Independence, We aim to fertilize the earth with 75000 Seed Balls till 15th August 2022. We engaged 200 corporate employees for making 1000 seed balls till now.

MARCH 2022

march-2022 bhavyata foundation-min

This year we celebrated our Holi with our little preschoolers with all love and affection. Distribution of snacks and stationery was held at the
schools. Exhibitions were held at corporate premises to display our eco-friendly, sustainable and handmade products.

FEB 2022

feb 2022 monthly dispatch bhavyata foundation

Bhavyata Foundation supported pregnant women with nutritional kits & counseling sessions in Mumbai. Arambh LMS Beta version was launched as a pilot version with Kavde Math Anganwadi in Mumbai.



Covid19 Prevention

Preventive Guidelines and Home Care for Boosting Immunity from COVID19.


Covid19 Remedy

Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Management of COVID19 with authorised medical prescription.


The Foundation’s brochure on Initiatives with their projects and campaigns

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