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Bhavyata Foundation collaborates with the Green Schools Programme, an initiative of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to promote environmental education in Mumbai.

Green Schools Programme

The Green Schools Programme aims to educate teachers and students about their consumption and wastage of resources. They are then taught to audit their usage which is called Green Schools Programme Audit. Teachers and students are made to audit 6 resources which are air, energy, food, land, water and waste. According to the audit, the schools then implement necessary measures like rainwater harvesting, water recycling, waste management, tree plantation to maintain an environmental balance.

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GSP Registration for Schools

Green Schools Programme is an audit programme with hands-on and thought-provoking activities for students who record the consumption of natural resources within the campus and trained teachers from your school to help them become good environmental managers. This Audit of Six resources(in fields of Air, Energy, Food, Land, Water & Waste) shall be trained for teachers representing each school in the GSP Audit Workshop.

Green School Registration

Green School Registration

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