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Heritage Preservation

Bhavyata Foundation under this campaign is engaged in promoting Indian Heritage by organizing educational and cultural tours to the sites of national importance with a view of proper positioning of Indian narrative free from colonial hang-overs. Old places enhance history and learning. They conjure up emotional bonds and a sense of continuity. We are promoting heritage sites by educational & recreational means through school tours, history tours for college students & nature enthusiasts. In association with ‘The Indian Spirit,’ we have organized adventure treks to forts, rural immersion tours, and field trips for schools, corporates, and a group of persons.

Heritage Preservation

India has 37 World Heritage Sites, rediscovering Indian Heritage to project national pride and invoke a sense of self-esteem in the minds of Indians across the globe. By way of this adventure, study tours, and sabbaticals, we enable the linkages of heritage preservation by involving the local population near such sites to develop and promote the essence of Indian civilization. Promotion of heritage sites by educational means through school tours, history tours for college students, and nature enthusiasts. We are adopting heritage sites with corporate assistance.

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Culture Adventures

Explore India’s incredible architecture, its many cultural and natural wonders – ancient citadels, temples, and palaces and get lost among colourful textiles, spices, and handicrafts in bustling market bazaars.

Those seeking an adventure with the backdrop of the India Story, be it scintillating treks, cultural escapades or learning native skills in a serene countryside, please feel free by signing up for our updated adventure trails.

It’s time to explore the untravelled India and drench in its wisdom.

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