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Wealth Creation By Natural Farming

Agriculture is a civilizational approach to fulfilling the basic needs of humanity. In India, the cultivators of food are becoming victims of malnutrition. Bhavyata Foundation is promoting the ‘Samriddhi’ campaign to educate and empower farmers for crop productivity with cost-effective natural inputs. Natural farming brings sustainability to agriculture-based livelihood and reduces the costs of cultivation, thereby increasing net incomes of the small and marginal farmers. The campaign’s objective is to educate and empower farmers for crop productivity with cost-effective natural inputs. In collaboration with Bansi Gir Gaushala, we are dedicated to enhancing livelihoods and sustainable support to marginal farmers with smaller landholdings.

Wealth Creation By Natural Farming: Samriddhi

Currently, small and neglected farmers representing 85 percent of farming households in India face rising input costs, debt stagnation, climate change impacts, and low returns. We support farmers from tribal districts of Palghar, Thane, Gadchiroll, Raigad, and many districts in Odisha. These are dependent upon high input fertilizers and pesticides for crop productivity and successful harvest. We support them with free inputs of fertilizers, called “Gau Krupa” developed by Bansir Gir Gaushala. These are bacterial fertilizers, chemical-free, perpetually made available, and locally developed.

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