Patron Member 
Annual membership fee of Rs. 5000
PATRON MEMBER – Is a Well Wisher of Bhavyata Foundation who pledges support its causes and initiatives, while accepting the terms and conditions of the membership.


CONTRIBUTES BY Supporting Our Initiatives

Each Patron member contributes to the projects and campaigns across 6 Initiatives of Bhavyata Foundation, especially projects and campaigns with an aim to tackling malnutrition, providing preschool education in municipal schools of Mumbai, supporting rural livelihoods and water harvesting for sustainability.

BENEFITS BY Reciprocal Giftings

  • Creative Handcrafted goodies include Embroidered Lifestyle Product/s.
  • Festival Accessories include Natural Herbal Holi Colors & Bamboo Rakhis.

INVOLVES BY attending Events

Also, added incentives for the member is complimentary registration to Our Select*** Flagship Sessions on Lifestyle, Educational and Nation Building Seminars throughout the year. Some of our popular sessions are on Ayurvedic Dinacharya, Parenting Modules, Preschool Nurturing for Toddlers, Green School Program, Untold Heroes of Indian History.

Rules and Regulations of Membership

  • Upon receipt of donation of the entire amount, the membership is valid for 365 days from the the date of registration.
  • Membership fees and donations shall not be refunded.
  • Member agrees to pay the annual fees established for its Membership Class, as may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Bylaws.
  • You shall provide complete and accurate registration information at the time of membership registration.
  • Membership benefits like complimentary registrations are STRICTLY non-transferable.

**NOTE: The Reciprocative giftings shall be in proportion to the amount of subscription. The giftings to be offered to the member are subject to their availability and upto the discretion of Bhavyata Foundation.
*** Select indicates the workshops and seminars which are complimentary as offered as per the discretion of the Bhavyata Foundation. Those which aren’t complimnentary are chargeable.
All membership fees are eligible for donations under the 80G exempt category of Income Tax Act, Government of India.