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Let’s Defeat Breast Cancer!!

In a global effort, October has been designated as the Pink Month.

The pink month is a month where resolutions are made to educate those concerned about the disease, including the originating agents, the forethought, early identification, warnings and manifestations associated with breast cancer.

There is a very famous saying that “There is no such thing like Incurable disease.”

Therefore, October denoting the month of conversance is all set to advertise brightness, encompassing this propitious month with the novel chapter in our book of bright goals.

Bonafide Statistics

For decades together, cervical cancer was the most common cancer in women in India. More deaths of women in India were attributed to cervical cancer than any other cancer. However, over the last ten years or so, breast cancer has been rising steadily for both men and women, and for the first time in 2012, breast cancer was the most common cancer found in women in India. Followed by a study in 2013, it was unclear to say if the mammographic screening was making adequate identification or it had more dangerous value to it, which was further identified and treated well.

It is also known that In 2015, there were 155,000 new breast cancer cases and about 76,000 women deaths in India. According to the 2020 estimation, there are 205424 cases, 1 in every 29 females is suffering from Breast Cancer.

In contrast, there are pieces of information that affirm the declining segment of more possibilities and increased feasibility of healed well and cured patients.

Conclusively, This Pink Month could act as a magic wand if provided with some perfect information spread.

Let’s take a step towards increasing awareness amongst humankind about Breast cancer and make a difference in the lives of those who are currently battling breast cancer.

For more information on BREAST CANCER and the ways to fight it.

Bhavyata Foundation in association with Inner Wheel, Mulund(W) and Le’Mark School of Art present this most important topic of discussion. Join the live and informative session by Dr Sonali Maniar(Fortis Hospital, Mulund)

 on 3rd November, beginning from 5 PM IST TO 6 PM IST

Are you all ready to celebrate this month inclined towards rewarding some precious lives?

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