A Holistic, multi-pronged & integrated approach to tackle the menace of drug abuse and reformation of those affected.


 The de-addiction program supported by Bhavyata Foundation in association with Sankalp Foundation at Worli employs various approaches to cure the addicts. More than 50 drug addicts are being rehabilitated at a given time. This project aims to restore the altered status of the subject to a state of wellbeing to resume a stable & productive life. Drug recovery requires a comprehensive, concerted approach through medication, diet, and therapy. Our team employs numerous therapy programmes and natural treatments to aid recovery and rehabilitation. Regular and protein-rich meals are supplied to 50 candidates per month. The plan was initiated in the year 2016 and has been carried out since then.


The program encourages addicts to delink from addiction, and a total of 50 drug addicts underwent rehabilitation under this initiative.


 Traditionally in India, drug addicts are usually the responsibility of the family or the social group to which they belong. In most cases, drug addicts are treated through general health services voluntarily. The main thrust of these programmes is to strengthen the ties of addicts to their family and community and get them to cooperate in the rehabilitation process.

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