India’s soft power, as disseminated through her inclusive cultural and civilisation heritage across millennia, demonstrates that her values of secularism, tolerance, inclusiveness and cross fertilisation of cultures are more important than ever before in today’s troubled world. Indian culture has emerged as the force to connect, to build relations and to heal the ruptures created by history and politics. The medium of national representation on a global scale would tantamount to capitalise the strengths of national DNA and its present potential, i.e. combining the cultural wealth and scientific temper with world’s youngest population to initiate start-up movement.

India currently has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and each of these sites is a potential hub for economic activity. Old places enhance history and learning. They conjure up emotional bonds and a sense of continuity. Historical places affect our identity and well-being. Impact tourism is a community and tourist-centred approach in which tourism is leveraged to help deliver sustainable community infrastructure.

Promoting sites of national and historical importance

Bhavyata Foundation under its initiative India First is engaged in promoting Indian Heritage by organising educational and cultural tours to the sites of national importance with a view of rightful positioning of Indian narrative free from colonial hang-overs. The goal of this initiative is to instil self esteem, educate in Indian history and cultivate national identity in pursuit of India’s own rich history of valour, prudence, exceptional scientific achievements and marked economic prosperity.

In association with ‘The Indian Spirit’ – an enterprise which accomplishes itself in such adventure avenues for treks to forts, rural immersion tours and field trips for schools, corporates and group of persons were organised to o Shivneri Fort, Torna Fort, Pratapgarh Fort, Rajgad Fort and Raigad Fort, which are one day field excursions replete with lively and historical narrations of the place, times and context.

A typical trip comprises of orientation, an informatory note, guided tour to the site, recreational and learning group activities. Some of our previous treks were Guided tour of the place and Recreational games from ancient times like Kille var Hallaa, Aatyaa Paatya, Chakravyuha Daud, Zakhmi Shivaji, etc are conducted for children by our expert team. Apart from that, under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s initiative, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, Bhavyata Foundation also involves its participants to participate in cleaning heritage sites by collecting garbage while creating cleanliness awareness campaign.

Organise a Trek or a Bharat Discovery Tour with idea of Nation Building

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