Metal Artisans

Metal Artisans

Kansa artisans are on the decline as its rich tradition and value is being replaced by other alternatives like steel, plastic, ceramic, etc. In a bid to revive this dying craft, Bhavyata Foundation supports the livelihood by awareness, exhibition and membership avenues to promote wide-scale consumption.

Research and Advocacy

The root of every health is good digestion and Kansa alloy alkalizes & purifies the food, promoting digestive health. Using helps in improving immunity & preventing illness.


Kansa artisans have been handcrafting Kansa dinnerware utilities for ages. What we provide is utility enhancements and production efficient processes and infrastructure to maximise human effort.


Due to its extraordinary health properties, ayurvedic physicians recommend Kansa for holistic healing, stress-relieving & purifying properties. Its high recyclable value makes it an excellent utility choice.

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