Fight Malnutrition

Fight Malnutrition

The goal of this project is to ensure the restoration of undernourished children to a healthy state with aid of nutritional supplements as well as the dissemination of nutritive education.

The main aims and objectives are:

  1. To assess the nutritional status of preschool children aged between 2 to 5 years as malnutrition is most prevalent in this age group.
  2. To study the socio-economic factors associated with PEM (protein-energy malnutrition)
  3. To assess the effects of dietary education on mother of children with PEM
  4. To evaluate the impact of supplementary nutrition on the nutritional status of PEM child for 3 months.

Oral supplementary foods are defined as specially formulated foods in ready-to-eat, milled or powdered form which are modified in energy density, protein, fat and rich in micronutrients to help meet the nutritional requirements of children affected by severe acute malnutrition and moderate acute malnutrition (SAM AND MAM). The main ingredients in supplementary foods include rajgeera, varai (samo), chana dal, moringa leaves powder, groundnut, ragi, ghee, jaggery. The supplementation provides daily 600 kcal, including 18 gms of proteins and 20 gms of fat.

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