Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation

Promoting Indian Heritage and Sciences


Bhavyata Foundation under this campaign is engaged in promoting Indian Heritage by organizing educational and cultural tours to the sites of national importance with a view of proper positioning of Indian narrative free from colonial hang-overs. Old places enhance history and learning. They conjure up emotional bonds and a sense of continuity.

In association with ‘The Indian Spirit’ – an enterprise which accomplishes itself in such adventure avenues for treks to forts, rural immersion tours and field trips for schools, corporates and group of persons were organized to Shivneri Fort, Torna Fort, Pratapgarh Fort, Rajgad Fort and Raigad Fort, which are one-day field excursions replete with lively and historical narrations of the place, times and context. We are promoting heritage sites in by educational & recreational means through school tours, history tours for college students & nature enthusiasts.


● School students and college students.


Bhavyata Foundation was successful in renewing interest in school children, teenagers, and young adults in discovering the culture of our nation. We were successful in creating awareness and educating local citizens to preserve our national heritage.

Keeping in mind about the initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, people carried out cleaning of the surroundings of the heritage.

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